Advanced Network Migration

Our team of technical specialists and configuration engineers based in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney enabled multi-million dollar savings by assisting this global telecommunications service provider to migrate multiple customers servicing in excess of 15,000 end-user locations to an advanced network

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    A global telecommunications provider of trading systems, technology and financial services to the financial services industry, had a legacy platform which served over 15,000 customer locations around the world and supported over 3,000 applications provided by over 400 service and content providers. Customers and end-users had to be migrated from the legacy infrastructure to advanced network infrastructure, resulting in savings of multiple millions of dollars in dual running costs.

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    Intact leveraged their expert understanding of the technology, the required outcome, knowledge of the customer, the end user and the internal systems and processes, to create a framework- a global team of technical specialists and configuration engineers to support the technical design, migration and risk mitigation of the transition programme. These specialist engineers were based in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney. The Intact team collaborated with a global management consulting services company, who drove the direct relationship with the end user to ensure a seamless approach.

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    Although the end-user community were highly satisfied with the legacy services being provided, the critical aspect of the business case was driving the cost savings (mainly due to data centre closures) while maintaining the same high-level end-user satisfaction. Intact and its partner measured all activities down to a task by task level to continuously look for areas of improvement.  The success rate was 99.9% when measured against technical specifications. The migration programme was successfully completed in June 2012.

    An additional benefit from delivering a program of this scale is the ability to ring fence future transitions, which have been notoriously challenging to deliver on time and within budget – a blue print has been created for the customer, as has a collaborative partnership to identify and execute against similar initiatives with world class technical expertise, predictable costs and predictable benefits.

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