What we offer

We leverage technical and commercial innovation to aid some of the world’s largest outsource providers, system integrators, VARs, telcos and vendors to create revenue, deliver complex technology projects and support global estates for highly satisfied End User organizations.

A feature of our business model that makes us unique is that we exclusively work indirectly, enabling our Channel Partners to deliver faster, better and cheaper to the End User, thus creating competitive advantage. We are experts and we are proud of what we do.

Intact Integrated Services is a networking services and support consultancy business focused on 3 core business pillars:

• Creation of new revenue streams
• Delivery of projects associated with those revenue streams
• Support of these projects once delivered.

Our services are offered to Channel Partners around the world including Outsource Providers, Systems Integrators, VARs, global Telecommunication Providers, and Vendors. Our primary aim is to make a tangible difference to them and the service they provide to their End Users.

Leveraging consulting expertise to understand the unique challenges of  our Channel Partners, we frame our services as investments with tangible returns. We then follow this through and enable seamless execution by providing augmentation to our Channel Partner's in-house capabilities.

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    We enable our customers to accelerate new incremental revenue streams and tactically support them in fulfilling the demands of their customers.

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    Our global delivery capabilities span over 100 countries worldwide.

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    The provision of world class support drives client satisfaction - it is therefore the cornerstone of our business.

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