Our Reach

WestconGroup’s history in IT distribution means we have developed relationships with vendors, partners, suppliers and countries in every major industrial destination.

We have a unique global footprint, resources and a network of support partners that enables us to transact, trade, deploy, support and act everywhere our partners and vendors need us to. But don’t take our word for it, let the facts speak for themselves:

Our Key Differentiators

  • +100 offices worldwide, in +60 countries, over 22 logistics and staging facilities around the globe
  • Logistical network capable of delivery in +170 countries
  • +300 engineers with +1500 technical certifications
  • Global reach: multi-national, multi-language
  • Learn, strengthen and develop new technical skills with your existing infrastructure/technical team.

9 NOC/SOCs around the world

  • Chicago - (24x7)- North America
  • México - (12x5) - Latin America
  • Sao Paulo - (24x7) - Latin America
  • Madrid - (24x7) - EU
  • Berlin - (24x7) - EU
  • Dubai - (12x5) - ME
  • Singapore - (12x5) - APAC
  • Auckland - (12x5) - APAC

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