Where we work

We have locations around the world enabling us to manage the complex requirements of our Channel Partners.

With our global headquarters based in the UK, we drive global best practices to ensure we look and feel like one organization - because we are.

We work across geographical regions, technologies, market sectors and cultural variances to assist our Channel Partners, supported by specialist expertise in our local offices to deliver services worldwide.

Our own resources are supplemented by a partner eco-system consisting of vendors and other support companies. This is known as INSPAN, which integrates the skills and capabilities of over 100 international partners spanning the globe.

INSPAN operates as a best-of-breed services eco-system that gives our Channel Partners and their End Users access to one of the strongest multi-vendor engineering teams available anywhere.

  • Americas link

    Our Americas team provides coverage for local and global program, collaborating in sales enablement as well as leading the technical and program management consulting for the region.

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  • EMEA link

    Our global headquarters are located in Bracknell, United Kingdom, with an additional EMEA office based in Berlin, Germany. Our 24x7 customer and technical Service Desks are based in Berlin with supporting consultants in the UK and across Germany.

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  • APAC link

    Working closely with all our regional hubs, our technical centre of excellence in Singapore provides leading edge expertise across the region, whilst delivering global program support for the entire business.

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