Our Collaborations

We are an exclusively partner-focused distributor, providing white-label value-add service offerings and support to partners and vendors alike.

At Intact, we provide service excellence to Channel Partners - enabling them to deploy world-class services in a transparent manner, ensuring profitability and End User satisfaction.

We are committed to helping our Channel Partners win and deliver higher value, higher quality business opportunities, with a focus on adding value and solving complexity. This is backed at all times by a very high standard of technical expertise.

  • Outsource Providers link

    We will align delivery expertise with our clients revenue expectations, balance risk and cost to plan, collaborate and execute in a timely fashion to deliver transformed solutions to the end client.

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  • System Integrators link

    We support system integrators from either a global strategic perspective or an in-country more tactical perspective focusing on either specific technologies or resource supplementation.

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  • Telcos link

    As global telecommunication providers evolve from their traditional core business and embrace advanced technologies, we partner with a wide range of capabilities.

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  • Vendors link

    We work closely with the vendor community to provide specialist skills and staff augmentation in a collaborative environment.

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